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APSM is specialised in wholesale distribution through a remarkably organized and carefully chosen resellers pipeline. Resellers’ categories include:

  • Retailers
  • ICT companies
  • E-commerce shops/e-tailers
  • B2B providers

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If you are activated as a Reseller or Wholesaler in the IT territory you are more than welcome in case you want to trust your up growing revenue and business development to us. Our customer centric mentality, eligibility & uninterrupted support make us fulfill the prerequisites to a successful partnership and ongoing business through the continuously altered environment influenced by cutting edge technologies evolution. We can assure that through us you can acquire not only the expected ROI but also the one step forward advantage in terms of new IT Trends and fulfillment of market needs.

Pls fill in the form below and we will come in touch with you in short notice.


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Suppliers are essential to almost every business. Without raw materials to make what we sell or manufacturers to provide what we resell as finished products, we will have a tough time growing. Suppliers and vendors can do much more than merely supply us with the materials and services we need to do business. They can also be important sources of information, helping us evaluate the potential of new products, track competitors’ actions and identify promising opportunities. Vendors can turn into partners, helping us cut costs, improve product designs and even fund new marketing efforts. If the companies don’t make selecting good suppliers and vendors a part of their growth plan, they will most likely face underdevelopment and furthermore viability issues.

In that sense our carefully chosen network of committed suppliers helps us satisfy the needs of our customers with responsibility & professional approach.

If you are activated in the same field as we do and want to become part of our strategic suppliers’ network, pls fill in the form below and we will come in touch with you in short notice.

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